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Cascina Cantarane di Vacchino Giacomo

The Story of Cascina Cantarane

Cascina Cantarane stoneground flours, excellent for pasta
Our stoneground flour mill
Cascina Cantarane artisan foods from Piemonte
The Vacchino family

About ten years ago, I felt a real pull to return to my roots.

I found that the business that I had set up was hemming me in, and being born in a country house, where I worked for many years with my dad Cecu, I began to long for open space ... I missed the land.

But when I returned to that world, I soon realized that the small amount of land that I had rented didn’t have a lot of potential.

But my dad had a great idea... He said to me, “If you were able to create a great product, building a short chain from farm to fork, then you could be successful”.

So I began to sow wheat, corn, barley, rye and buckwheat. My dad gave me the seeds, reminding me that they are not just important, but fundamental, and he taught me also how to add fresh seedstock, so it’s always at its best.

Then I bought a stone flour mill, thanks to the help of an old friend of my dad, who gave me the right advice, and I began milling, with excellent results. Shortly afterwards, thanks to the skill of my wife Graziella in preparing bread, pizzas and desserts, we set up a small artisan workshop (a Pastin), which - under the watchful eyes of our grandmothers - began to produce many good things.

Now, after 10 years of hard, but satisfying work:

I have rediscovered myself as a farmer, together with my son Andrea,
and also as a miller, together with my daughter Michela and Andrea,
and again as a baker, thanks to the great dedication of my wife...
But in the end, I’m just a farmer.

And as we say in our local dialect:

We make all that we can... and we eat all that we make

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